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WhatsApp Multi-Device feature is almost finished, an account will run on four phones


WhatsApp Multi-Device feature is almost finished, an account will run on four phones: Many of us use multiple smartphones for work convenience. But not being able to use a This App account on multiple phones is a lot of trouble. WhatsApp is going to bring multi-device support to avoid this problem. They announced this feature several months ago.

The same WhatsApp account will run on four phones simultaneously through this feature. No clone app is required for this. It has recently been reported that this multi-device feature beta program is coming soon for users.

WhatsApp Multi-Device feature is almost finished

WABetaInfo shared a screenshot of what this multi-device feature of WhatsApp will look like. It is said that This App will release this feature for public beta testers in a few days. So those who use WhatsApp Beta will be able to participate in this test. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. However, it has been informed that it is in the final stage.

WABetaInfo added that this feature allows the same WhatsApp account to be used on four different devices at the same time. For this, even if the main device does not have an active internet connection, which is required for this app. So even if your primary phone is off, you can use your WhatsApp account on other devices.

This App will also bring a new UI for the desktop version. This will make this multi-device support possible. This feature is available in the ‘Linked Devices’ option in the app. Here you can link the WhatsApp account to your new device. You’ll also see a list of linked devices here. Its interface will be similar to This App WebDesktop interface.

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There will also be a ‘Multi-device Beta’ option from which you can turn this feature on or off. It is further stated that not all features will be available in multi-device support. WABetaInfo reports that features like sync chat history, message delivery or starring, mute chat, etc. will be available.

This App is currently testing this feature on Android. This feature is not yet available on iOS. But it seems to be available soon.


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