Home Health Care What are the home remedies to reduce allergies?

What are the home remedies to reduce allergies?

What are the home remedies to reduce allergies?

What are the home remedies to reduce allergies?: We eat good food to stay healthy. But again when we go to eat this good food we get sick. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like shrimp cream or egg curry a lot. This has been cooked at home today. But the problem is you could not eat. Because you are allergic to such foods. An allergy means panic in one’s mind about food. What to eat, what not to eat all this we have to think very carefully. However, I will see how to reduce this allergy.

What is an allergy?

Allergy is a type of bacterial infection. There are some elements of the environment that are not harmful to everyone but harmful to some people. That ingredient can be found in vegetables, fish, or in any other way. These ingredients are called allergens. These allergens are actually allergic when in contact with the body. And it must be remembered. There is a tendency for allergies. That tendency is called atopy. It can be based on genetic means. And those who are prone to allergies due to such lineage are called atopic. When these atopic people come in contact with allergens, allergies occur.

Type of allergies

The type of allergy depends on the type of allergy. But on the basis of it, the form of allergy changes.

Allergy to dust

T is a very common allergy. Usually so much pollution, washing, dust, all this cannot take the body of many. And when all these harmful substances come in contact with the body, then allergies occur. Many people call it dust allergy. This basically irritates the eyes and nose. Coughing a lot, the face becomes red.

Asthma allergies

When the allergy does not manifest itself as external pressure but is manifested by coughing too much, it is assumed that the asthma is allergic. These allergies occur when certain substances enter our bodies and attack the chest and lungs. These ingredients then accumulate in the lungs and cause allergies.

Allergies to food

When we have allergies, our skin becomes red and itchy. And hive. Hive is a kind of white rash, which is very itchy. These are in most cases due to food allergies. Eggs, eggplant, shrimp are the special ingredients for this type of allergy.

What are the home remedies to reduce allergies?

What are the home remedies to reduce allergies?

Ways to reduce allergies at home

You may feel that you need to take medication to get rid of allergies. If you have a very big problem, you have to take medicine. But in order to prevent allergies, you can think from the beginning. let’s see the

Use a mask

An allergy is when an allergen enters the body. If the allergen does not enter the body, then the allergy is no more. And that’s exactly why use a mask. N95 respirator masks are available in most drug stores. Use it when going out. You will see that you are getting a lot of benefits.


Lemon also greatly enhances our body’s resistance to disease. It is a very good source of vitamin C. And it has antioxidant ingredients to keep the body away from things like allergies. And since there are various impurities in us, lemon removes them, so lemon also helps to detoxify. You can eat it with lemon juice or you can mix lemon juice and olive oil together and make dressing on the salad.


Honey is enough to cure allergies, especially those that do not last long. It increases the body’s endurance, which can keep the body away from external allergens. So eat a spoonful of honey every morning and get rid of the problem.


Garlic works very well to reduce allergies. The natural antibiotic ingredients in it protect you from any kind of virus. It boosts your immune system. Many people take supplements made from garlic. But it is not good. In comparison, chew two garlic and eat it with rice. It will be more beneficial.



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