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Ways to make your child grow taller


Here are some simple tips to help kids grow taller: Every mother and father cares about their own children. The baby is not eating or growing, the tension remains. Because all parents want their baby to be healthy and tall. Most babies refer to their physical constitution from a young age. According to experts, there is some genetic factor in this case.

However, there is no end to the worries of parents. But you know what, a little good food that boosts growth and a little exercise can solve this problem. But no medicine is needed for this. No one can determine how high the car will be, nor is it that you will increase the height overnight. So some rules with time and patience like to increase height. So let’s see how to increase the height.

How to make my child grow taller?

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Balance diet

If you want your child to grow up beautifully, then remove chips, burgers, cold drinks from them and keep them in good eating habits. Good food outside of junk food but will always make your child strong in all aspects. Make sure the baby’s plate is filled with carbohydrates, proteins, and fats in equal amounts.

And carbohydrates and fats should not go into the body too much. Protein should include fish, meat, eggs, soybeans, and dairy products. These will strengthen the muscles, strengthen the bones, and help increase height.
In addition, vitamin D and calcium are very important for the body.


This is another beneficial exercise that is not only for your child but also for you. Make sure your child jogs every day and don’t jog with him. But it will give him more joy.
Then no more worries for the growth of the child. These eight exercises will make your child much taller. In fact, there is no substitute for physical exercise, so no!

Stretching exercises

Stretching exercises are very necessary for increasing height. You can tell your child to lean against the wall and lean back. Then stretch the arm forward. In the same way, sit on the toes with the weight on the back facing the wall in the opposite direction. Then stretch your leg muscles as much as possible. Do it eight to ten times a day, twice a day. There is another exercise that is very good. Tell your baby to lie down on the ground. Then get up to the waist and ask to hold the big toe. But also very good muscle growth.

Yoga for height increase for child


Yoga or asana but very effective for baby growth. In this case, you choose the sun salutation. It will take full care of your baby’s growth. Just start practicing general breathing before you start. Another good seat is Chakrasana. In this case, in the beginning, the child has to lie on the ground. Then the legs need to be folded.

The hands should be folded up to the elbows and placed behind the head near the ears.
Now you have to lift your body with your hands and feet. Then the hands should be gently brought back and the feet should be touched. Then the body will be shaped like a chakra. This also makes the structure of the spine very good.


This is a very favorite game of children. Many times the child has to rise from zero. As a result, the possibility of increasing a few inches in height remains at all times. So ask the kids to get used to it.

Uncle Wet

This is another impeccable exercise. It basically gives more work for the growth of the lower part of the body. The cartilage near the knees of the feet is increased as a result of this exercise. This increases the height of your baby. But don’t carry too much weight with your baby.


Does your child hang on a high bar in the field or at home every day? Then very good. It will be very useful in the formation of his spine. Can also do exercises like pull up and chin up. All this is very good for increasing height.



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