Home Technology There are some tips to keep in mind before buying an AC

There are some tips to keep in mind before buying an AC

There are some tips to keep in mind before buying an AC.

There are some tips to keep in mind before buying an AC: There are many who cannot stand the heat. And wearing too much trouble. Again, it is very difficult to stay in the sweltering heat. It has become almost impossible to go out of the house at noon. Not only do that, many people not get peace in the heat of the fan air in the house. So many people may be thinking of installing AC in the house to get rid of the heat. But at the time of purchase, he was confused by multiple tempting advertisements. Can’t figure out which AC to buy! So here is what you should look for before buying an AC.

There are some tips to keep in mind before buying an AC

Split AC or window AC?

The first question that comes to mind before buying AC is, will you buy split AC or Undo AC? But once you install Undo AC, one of your windows will close. And if the AC is off, the possibility of light and air entering the house will be reduced a lot.

On the other hand, the compressor in the split AC will be out of the house. So this AC can install on any part of the wall of the house. However, since the compressor of the split AC is outside the house, the sound of the machine cannot be heard. Also, in terms of price, the price of window AC is much lower than that of split AC.

Inverter AC or not?

Inverter AC has been becoming increasingly popular in the market over the last few years. Although it is in no way like an inverter battery. Power cuts will not help you in any way. Wondering, where is different? In normal AC the compressor can run only at full capacity. As a result, when the house becomes cold as required, the compressor stops. When the house starts to heat up again, the compressor is turned on at full capacity.

But the capacity of the compressor in the inverter AC is more or less as required. So the compressor of the inverter AC is always reduced to the required capacity and keeps the room cool. Since the compressor of this AC can run at low capacity, the power consumption of this AC is much less than that of a normal AC. Companies claim that using inverter AC saves about 25 percent more electricity than ordinary AC.

What is the capacity?

The last important thing when buying an AC is of course the capacity of the AC. 1 ton to 2 ton AC is available in the market. But this in no way implies the weight of the AC. This weight indicates how much heat an AC can send out of the house in an hour. 1 ton of AC is enough for a house of 150 square feet. At least 1.5 tons of AC is required for a 200-250 square foot house. However, the capacity of the AC depends on the temperature of your room and on which floor your house is located.


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