Home Health Care The 5 best ways to reduce cough by home remedy

The 5 best ways to reduce cough by home remedy

The 5 best ways to reduce cough by home remedy

The 5 best ways to reduce cough by home remedy: Coughing does not take any particular time of the year. Cough is a problem that can happen to us at any time. It is often seen that you are talking to someone or doing something important. And then the cough started. If you have a cold or a cold, then you have a cough. Many times this cough brings us in front of many humiliating situations.

But if we take cough syrup to cure cough, then in many cases we get to sleep. What to do then? Let me tell you today why there are cough and 5 easy home remedies to prevent or reduce cough.

The 5 best ways to reduce cough by home remedy

The 5 best ways to reduce cough by home remedy

Why is coughing?

Cough is caused by various reasons. The biggest reason is if you have a cold or cold. Many of us have a sore throat and cough in this case. The cough can be caused by swelling of the airways due to the virus.

Many people have an allergy to something and even if they have a problem with asthma, they still have a cough. The most common allergy is dust mites, which are called dust allergies.

We use nasal sprays if we have trouble breathing for any reason. In many cases, these are used without consulting a doctor. And if you use them day after day, it is normal for you to have a cough as a side effect.

According to experts, cough is also a major cause of bacterial infections. Bacteria cause sinus infections, bronchitis, or pneumonia. But then there is a cough and it lasts for many days.

Tuberculosis, which is medically called tuberculosis, can also cause coughing, according to experts. And bleeding is very common with this cough. So do not neglect cough.

Home Remedies for Cough

However, any type of cough should first consult a doctor. With it, you can reduce the cough while sitting at home. Because many times antibiotics do not reduce the cough. However, let’s take a look at how to reduce the common cough at home.


Turmeric works great in reducing cough. The anti-bacterial ingredient in turmeric helps reduce cough infections. You just have to mix turmeric in milk for a few days.

Mix turmeric and honey well in hot milk and eat it once a day. You will see that you will get relief very quickly.

Ginger and lemon juice

Add a cup of water, a few crushed gingers, 1 teaspoon of lemon juice, honey. Heat the water lightly. Add ginger powder, lemon juice, and honey. Mix and eat. It can be eaten three to four times a day. Very beneficial.


Experts say that garlic contains an ingredient called allicin which fights germs, fights bacteria, and stops its growth. And garlic also keeps the body warm. So garlic is very useful to reduce a dry cough. It does not need to be eaten separately for the smell of garlic. Just eat garlic soaked in oil in a little hot rice at the beginning of the meal. You will see that you will benefit from playing for several days.


In the case of cough, Basil (Tulsi) can say all in all. Ever since then we have been eating basil since the beginning of winter. And I got the results. But nowadays many people do not get time to eat these. So go back to Basil (Tulsi) again. Eat basil leaf juice and honey every morning to wake up. Eat a week. See how much the cough will decrease.

If you have a cough, you can try all this by turning around. And don’t forget to gargle with. But if you cough a lot, don’t forget to see a doctor.


Honey works extremely well to reduce cough. It is also effective in reducing sore throat. According to doctors, honey often works better than cough medicine. Honey helps reduce mucus. So eat lemon tea as a rule during cough.

First, make tea with lemon. Put honey in it. Don’t add sugar. Now drink this tea hot. Eat twice a day. You will see that the cough will go away in a week.



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