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Is the mobile phone harmful to health?

Is mobile phone harmful to health

mobile phone harmful to health: In the current technological age, we are all dependent on technology. The computer or mobile is at hand. According to experts, while using a mobile phone, a wave called “non-ionizing radiation” starts coming out of his body. This wave is so strong that it is able to move the atom molecule from one place to another. Then realize for yourself that if such powerful energy starts hitting our body, what a loss! According to experts,

Is mobile phone harmful to health?

however, not only radiation is generated from the body of the mobile phone, but also waves of the same nature are emitted from laptops and WiFi devices. Experts say that is why it is possible to stay away from these devices as much as possible during pregnancy. Physicians also give advice. However, we have realized that mobile is harmful. So let’s see what the harm to us, the human body is.

Sleep problem

Experts say that using extra mobile phones does not help you sleep properly. And if sleep is not good, the brain’s ability to function normally begins to decline. As a result, as memory is lost, so is attention and intelligence. At the same time, due to the decrease in blood flow to the brain, the possibility of getting various brain diseases also increases.

Even the light of mobile phones reduces the secretion of melatonin hormone in various ways in the body. That’s why I don’t want to fall asleep easily. Because how well we sleep depends largely on the secretion of the hormone melatonin. So according to experts, do not use mobile while going to sleep.

The retina is damaged

When using a mobile phone in the dark, its blue light begins to reduce the performance of the retina. If this continues for a long time, the risk of vision loss also increases. So if you don’t want to be blind at an early age, make it a habit to keep the phone away from you and go to bed from today.

Mobile phones and infertility

Several studies have shown that excessive use of mobile phones can lead to a decrease in sperm count and problems in having children. In fact, semen-producing cells are severely damaged by radiation. That is why the value of sperm begins to decrease. So, of course, the mobile should be used less

Increases the risk of cancer

The effect of the blue light emitted from a mobile phone is not only to reduce the secretion of the hormone melatonin but also to block the secretion of all other hormones. As a result, the amount of anti-oxidants in the body decreases. Incidentally, anti-oxidants are a powerful ingredient that removes toxic substances from the body and reduces the chances of cancer cells being born. That’s why if you want to keep cancer away, you have to leave your mobile phone. If not, but too much danger!

Experts also say that a study conducted by Breast link has shown that mobile phones are associated with breast cancer in women. However, it is better to use fewer mobile phones to stay healthy. Stay healthy Stay well


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