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How to take care of hobby jewelry at home?

How to take care of hobby jewelry

How to take care of hobby jewelry?: Most of us like boy or girl more or less gold or junk jewelry. Most men now prefer to have a thick chain around their neck. Again in many cases the opposite. Conversely means preferring very narrow chains. And girls all love to wear less gold. In the case of boys, it is seen that they want a ring on 10 fingers of both hands. In today’s age of fashion, it is important to present yourself. It is often seen that women buy jewelry by matching them with different types of dresses.

But not everything goes together. So they have to be kept in the locker. And it stays in the house and accumulates more dirt. Anyway, but when this jewelry gets dirty, it doesn’t look very awkward, does it? But sitting at home by himself You can brighten up your jewelry.

How to take care of hobby jewelry at home?

care of hobby jewelry at home

How to clean gold or silver jewelry.

First of all, gold rings or earrings accumulate more dirt all the time. In this case, pour half a cup of hydrogen peroxide in a glass bowl and dip the gold jewelry in it. You will see bubbles rising after a while, meaning your jewelry is getting clean. When the bubbles stop rising, remove the jewelry with tweezers and wipe with a clean towel. You will see that it has become like new. When cleaning jewelry, wipe with a soft cloth. Remember, however, never clean jewelry with excess acid.

Second, you mix one cup of hot water with 40 ml of white vinegar. Then you can mix 20 grams of baking soda in it and clean the dirt on the gold or silver jewelry with the help of a new clean toothbrush. Then wipe well. You will see that your jewelry is very clean.

Ways to clean junk jewelry

First, mix water with lemon juice or white vinegar and soak small earrings or necklaces or other jewelry. Then rub with a toothbrush and clean. You can apply olive oil for a while to get back the shine of junk jewelry. After wiping with a clean soft cloth, you will see that it is shining like new again.

Second, if you clean oxidized jewelry, soak the jewelry in warm water for a while by mixing dish soap with liquid soap. This time, rub the accumulated dirt with a clean toothbrush. Wash junk jewelry in cold water and wipe clean with a dry soft cloth. You can also use toothpaste or shampoo to clean any junk jewelry other than oxidized jewelry.



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