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How to lose excess weight fast in one month

excess weight

 Excess weight: Excess weight creates many problems with the body. In this day and age of busyness, we all cannot take care of our bodies in any way. Being busy with the office or business, we forget to eat and eat junk food on the street. And then I make a mistake that makes me lose weight.  However, to keep yourself fit, you need to check yourself for food. In fact, it all depends on you. So let’s see how to keep yourself away from excess weight.

How to lose weight fast with diet plan in one month

First, you need to remove processed foods from the food list. Goodbye to ready-made frozen chicken popcorn, oil fry food, and even instant noodles. You can make that frozen processed food at your own expense at a much lower cost and in a healthier procedure if you make it at home.

Second, eat like the amount of food. You can use a specific container for this. You can eat according to that every day so your diet will be fine. Eat as little as possible of heavy metals. Many people have a habit of eating too much on large plates. However, first, you need to control the amount of food. So Say goodbye to excess weight.

Third, you should not eat any heavy food after 9 pm. Dinner must be done before 8-9 pm. Then if you feel very hungry then you can eat a maximum of one glass of milk or 7-9 nuts/almonds.

Fourth, try to drink 2 glasses of water every day before meals. We know water is very important for the human body. Drinking 2 glasses of water before meals every time will fill your stomach a lot, will stop the hunger in a terrible way. As a result, if you want to eat a lot, you will not be able to eat. And as a bonus, all the functions of the body are good, starting from the elimination of urinary tract infections due to drinking this water. Water also keeps the skin clean. So drink two glasses of water before eating.

Fifth, you need to reduce your sugar intake. Because if you don’t stop eating sugar, losing weight in this life will remain a daydream. Excess sugar builds up a layer of excess fat around the liver. This can lead to loss of liver function, including changes in the shape of the liver. Moreover, due to eating extra sugar, wrinkles start appearing on your skin very quickly. And so if you don’t want to get old before you get older, you must stop eating sugar. When craving a sweet dish, eat raisins, eat honey, but don’t say white sugar.

Sixth, stop eating soft drinks. Many of us eat rich food or fast food and even homemade food and often say- feeling restless, feeling indigestible; playing a little cold drink would be good. But how many of us know and believe that these cold drinks are harmful to the body and responsible for weight gain? So stop eating soft drinks. If you go out to eat somewhere, the waiter will ask – what will be with the drinks? If you have a problem, just say – plain water.

Seventh, you need to eat less cooking oil. We all know that eating less oil in food is very beneficial for the body. You can also use rice bran or olive oil. we know that rice bran or olive oil is very beneficial for health.

Besides the things that we do, which our body cannot take in the right way in any way. For example, we always use the elevator. I never use the stairs. We never exercise in busyness. But I don’t use stairs either. What to do then? Because the body wants to exercise.



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