Home Lifestyle How to  Decorative plants to decorate the house?

How to  Decorative plants to decorate the house?


How to  Decorative plants to decorate the house?

In the current life journey, plants seem to be becoming rare day by day. Is that just so? Today, in this busy life journey, there is very little opportunity to go beyond the city and come in contact with nature, so try to keep the living plants within four walls, it creates an aesthetic as well as a peaceful environment in home decoration. If you have the desire and sincere effort, you can also decorate your house with ornamental plants.

You can also decorate the inside of your house with living plants like tubs kept in your yard, roof and veranda. But what plants to use in home decoration?

Notable among these are Leaf, Money Plant, Philo Dendron, Dracena, Croton, Bahari Kachu, Palm, Anthurium, Diphenbeckia, Maranta, Monstera, etc. There are many variations in each of these. If you search in different nurseries all over the country including Dhaka, you will find these plants.

However, let’s see how to decorate this house.

Choose plants and tubs that match with the furniture and other items in the house. Apart from that, the location and size should also be taken into consideration. There are many trees that survive in the shade or in direct sunlight. However, it is better to have adequate lighting and ventilation in the house. Adequate space should be provided between the furniture and the tree to facilitate cleanliness.

The house should be arranged according to a specific plan to avoid the chaotic or chaotic situation.

According to experts, trees that grow well in the shade should be selected for the house. Cool trees should be kept in the rooms where air conditioning or AC is running. In this case, Maranta, Jacobinia, Rubber, English Ivy,  Bot, and Money plants can be kept. You can also put a couple of bonsai plants on the drawing-room table.

Hanging plants or wall carpeting can be done on the wall where the sun does not fall. Bahari leaf plants can be planted in rows in a row in the bed space of the bedroom and dining room. In this case, blood leaf, ribbon plant, dumb cane, plants like croton, asparagus, caladium, dracaena, and aglaonema can be selected.

After planting the tree is full responsibility.

You don’t have to bring a tree with a tub and leave it at home, you have to take care of it. However, these trees do not die easily as they have a high tolerance. Feed and water the plants as needed. Using environmentally friendly organic fertilizers without chemical fertilizers will make the plants more beautiful and healthy. These organic fertilizers are available in almost all nurseries. Be careful when giving water. It is better to give less water every day.


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