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Top 9 Best Yoga Asana Poses for Diabetes Patient To Cure Diabetes properly

Best Yoga Asana Poses for Diabetes Patient To Cure Diabetes properly

Yoga for Diabetes: Friends In the present age we do many things to stay healthy. Staying healthy has become a big challenge for us at this age. Most of the reasons for this are that in the busyness of daily life we rarely think about self-awareness. However, most people are particularly concerned about diabetes and obesity. Diabetes raises blood sugar levels.

It also stops the secretion of insulin hormone from the pancreas. In diabetes, sweets are forbidden. This requires special attention to diet as well as lifestyle. Friends you can easily stay away from this disease. Yoga is very beneficial for diabetes. Yes friends for this, you can make yoga your main tool. However, there are different types of yoga exercises.

Best yoga asanas for diabetes with pictures: How to reduce diabetics by yoga?

Yoga for Diabetes: Easy tips for diabetes.
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We all know that exercise is very beneficial for every human being. However, Kurmasana is very useful for diabetes; this exercise cures diabetes as well as other ailments. Because it helps control blood sugar levels. If you are also a diabetic and want to control your blood sugar level, do Kurmasana every day. However, let’s take a look at what Kurmasana does for us in yoga for diabetes or what is Kurmasana?

1) Kurmasana:

What is Kurmasana?

Kurmasana consists of two words kurma and asana. It literally means sitting in a tortoise pose. Kurmasana is a half-pose of a tortoise. He is instructed for those who have suffered a traumatic brain injury because it eliminates their consequences. It is recommended to use in the rehabilitation phase. It successfully replaces drugs that improve cerebral circulation.

It activates the work of the brain, enhancing the results of intellectual work. According to experts, this is especially true, if you do this yoga, you will get relief from diabetes. The digestive system is strengthened and complaints of insomnia are also eliminated.

Yoga for Diabetes: Easy tips for diabetes
Yoga for Diabetes: Easy tips for diabetes

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How to do Kurmasana?

Friends to do this yoga, lay a carpet on the flat ground. Now spread your legs with the face of the sun. First, you have to sit on top of the heel. Now place your palms under the feet and lean forward. Bend according to your physical ability. After that, stay in this position for a few moments. Then you rest the area of the diaphragm on the knee. After that, come back to the first stage. Do this yoga for at least 5-6 minutes every day.

Yoga for Diabetes: Easy tips for diabetes.
Yoga for Diabetes: Easy tips for diabetes.

Benefits of Kurmasana yoga for diabetes control

According to experts, Kurmasana has many benefits for our bodies. It is very beneficial for diabetic patients. Not only have that, by this yoga, but the immune organs also worked properly. On the other hand, it helps to stretch the muscles of the body. Even, blood circulation occurs smoothly. It also relieves insomnia.

2) Bhujanga Asana:

This yoga is inspired by the snake so this yoga is called the Bhujanga Asana, this yoga starts from the flexibility of the body to solve the hormonal problems and brings various benefits.

Bhujanga Asana Method:

First of all, put pressure on the chest and lie on the ground with your arms and legs level. Gently fold your hands and place them on either side of your chest.
Keeping the lower part of the abdomen on the ground, lift the part of your chest that is on the ground with your hands and keep your face up.

Bhujanga Asana
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Doing this yoga will power up your lungs. Tightens the chest or chest passage so that the shape is correct in a last way.
In addition to balancing the insulin hormone in the body, this yoga relieves the problem of cold and cough.
Increases your creative thinking ability and this yoga helps you to set goals in life and most of all.

3) Halasana yoga for sugar control:

The most effective Asana in yoga is Halasana, which controls everything from this sugar level to the burning rate of glucose.
This yoga controls important functions of our body such as circulating the heart and controlling stress hormones.

yoga for diabetics
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Halasana method:

First of all, lie down in a perfectly flat place, with both hands long at both sides of the waist. There should be no gap between the two feet, and the two toes should touch together. Now place the weight on both hands and move the legs towards the back of the head as much as possible and touch the ground. Care should be taken that the legs do not bend and the waist does not move towards the back of the head.


This Asana stretches all the parts of the abdomen so that the hormones balance according to the needs of the body starting from hormone production.
This Asana controls sugar and blood pressure and reduces the stiffness of the body and maintains balance in the body.

4) Urdhva-Padmasana:

Urdhva-Padmasana, one of the yoga for sugar, removes the physical weakness caused by sugar and relieves the problem of hand disease.

yoga for diabetics
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Asana method:

First of all, find a clean place and lie down evenly. Fold the lower part from the waist and place one foot on the other foot like Mukta-Padmasana. Now lift and hold the legs upwards with the weight on the hands.


Controls your blood pressure and relieves back pain forever. In addition, the body controls codcell levels and insulin levels.

5) Ardha Matsyendrasana:

Asana method: First, sit in a flat place. Take 5 deep breaths. Then sit with the legs firmly, then keep the right leg in the same position as the facility or move the leg to the right knee.
Now twist your body to the right and place it on your right hand or knee and keep your hand on the ground.
Keep the spine as straight as possible and take deep breaths. Then change legs and arms again and practice this asana 5 to 6 times.

yoga for diabetics
Ardha Matsyendrasana


This yoga helps us to control sugar and keep the body’s stress hormones normal. As a result, the body maintains its balance in any situation in a certain way.

6) Dhanurasana:

Dhanurasana means body stretch in the shape of a bow, usually, this Asana is a little stiff but some days this yoga becomes simple through practice. This yoga helps us to balance the body’s insulin and various hormones to stimulate the endocrine glands.

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Dhanurasana method:

First, take a flat place or get something on the floor if possible. Then lie down with your weight on your chest, arms outstretched and your legs spread evenly over your head and with no gaps.
Then bend the legs from both the knees and slowly bring them towards the head. Make sure that there is not much gap between the legs and the abdomen touches the ground.
Now stretch the back of the head with both hands and touch the big toe.


Those who have been suffering from sugar for a long time and do not get strength in their hands and feet will get the most benefit if they do this Asana while working. This Asana balances the hormone production of the body’s pancreas increases the body’s digestive capacity and brings flexibility to the body.

7) Chakrasana:

Chakrasana Method:

First, you lie down in a flat place breathing, with your feet slightly apart and your hands on your head. Then bend the legs from the knees and gently lift the body upwards. And with the help of the palms of the hands, lift the upper part of the body and extend the arms towards the legs as much as possible.

Photo by Elly Fairytale from Pexels

Breathe deeply in this position so that the body assumes the shape of a chakra. And in this position 20 hold him 30 to the body.


This yoga helps us to stretch our spine and abdominal muscles and reduce the level of insulin in the body.
It also controls the flow of stress hormones and oxygen to the body and keeps people away from heart problems. This yoga helps a lot in relieving the weakness of the hands and feet and the problem of onset without any medicine.

8) Gupta padmasana:

Yogis say that this Gupta-Padmasana is the cure for all diseases. Cholesterol balances everything in the body starting from increasing the level of sugar in the body, increasing the performance of the lungs.

Gupta padmasana
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Yoga method:

First, sit in the free-padmasana then pull the body forward with the help of the hands try to touch your chin to the floor as gently as possible. Try to sit in a perfectly long sitting position on the floor and relax the whole body. Gather your hands behind your back as if to bow. Breathe slowly and hold this position for a while for 20 seconds then slowly return to the starting position.


This seat regulates hormones ranging from insulin to adrenaline.

9) Setubandh asana:

The name of this seat is Bridge Bonding because this seat helps us the most for mind and body connection and stress manager.

Setubandh asana
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Seating method:

First, choose a flat place and lie down a long way. Now bend your legs at the knees and stretch your arms out to the legs by stretching them on both sides of the body.
Now with the pressure on the hands, the waist is up. Lift the body upwards and hold it at your convenience.


This seat stimulates our nervous system and regulates the right amount of blood flow between the brain and the level of insulin in the blood.

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