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18 Best Women Perfume for Workplace & Affordable Perfume in India(Body Spray)

18 Best Women Perfume for Workplace & Affordable Perfume in India(Body Spray)

Are you looking for the perfect scent to last all day? We all do, of course! Every woman enjoys having a gorgeous scent, and for that, she needs a perfume that lasts. With so many best perfumes for women in India, it can be difficult to make a choice.
For all you ladies out there, we have listed Best Women Perfume for Workplace in India 2021. Besides that, we have also mentioned a list of the Best Affordable Perfume for Ladies in India. Everyone desires to smell good, especially when they head out for a party, meet friends, or attending a meeting.

Perfume is not just for smelling good but should also know how much to use and how to apply it for long-lasting effects. In any situation and at any age, a signature scent should be timeless and wearable.

Finding the perfect perfume for you can be a challenge, however, since there are so many fragrances on the market. There are countless perfume brands on beauty counters and online, so how do you know which one will be your new favorite? So stay tuned with….

Best long-lasting Body Spray for Ladies

1. SKINN BY TITAN Women’s Eau De Parfum, Celeste, 100 ml

Best Women Perfume for Workplace in India

Contains Ingredients: Mandarine, Orange Flower, Waterlily, Jasmine, Patchouli
Titan Skinn Nude Eau De Parfum for Women is an exceptional fusion of romantic flowers with a summer-like freshness and generosity. This perfume suits best for beautiful women who want to combine an elegant and female touch with their extraordinary look.

The fragrance of Celeste evokes the spirit of spring gardens – with its white floral notes and a scent of zing from peaches and pears, while dry sandalwood evokes ideas of patchouli. Celeste was created as a reflection of a happy mood, with a talent for beautiful mischief.

It’s a scent that appeals to your senses makes you appear more positive and add to your aura. This fragrance is a highly rated member of the floral-fruity woody family. These goods are considered to be the best perfume for women in India.
Top Note: Mandarine, Ginger, Grapefruit, Pear, and Blood Orange.
Heart Note: Orange Flower, Waterlily, Jasmine, and Floral Nectar.
Base Note: Patchouli, Apricot Nectar, Sandalwood, Amber,and Musk. This Perfume for women is priced at Rs. 1,995


Produces a lasting impact
Excites memories of a sweet vacation romance
Non-allergic to sensitive skin
Finding a genuine product can be difficult

2. Jovan White Musk for Women Cologne Spray, 96ml

Best Women Perfume for Workplace in India

Contains Ingredients: Spicy, woodsy, and warm white florals
White Musk cologne spray by Jovan is a perfume for women which is sweet and exact. It was introduced in 1992 and is classified as an oriental fragrance. This fragrance blends flavors such as honeysuckle, jasmine, ylang-ylang, and spicy and woodsy smells.

It is designed to be alluring enough for nighttime wear and light enough for the office during the day. This cologne comes in a bottle with a 100 ml capacity. Musk and florals are the main components of this fragrance, making it famous throughout the world.

It is also made up of amber and is known for its clear, feminine aura that is powerful enough to last for a long time but is gentle enough not to overwhelm. Spray the scent over the pulse points of your clothes, as scent adheres to cloth better than to skin.
Afterward, spray a cloud in the air with your breath and walk into it. It is designed for women. It appears in a 100 ml bottle. It blends florals with amber and musk.
This Perfume for women is priced at Rs. 1,099


Classic perfume
A subtle display of playfulness
Ideal for office wear



3. Embark Women’s My Dream For Her EDP

Best Women Perfume for Workplace in India

Contains Ingredients: Alcohol, Water, Bht, Ci 17200, Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate, Hydrobenzyl Hexyl Benzoate, Ci 42090, DEP, Parfum.

The Embark Women’s My Dream For Her EDP is the perfect perfume for everyday use. It is the best choice for every woman going to work. It will be great for anyone who likes to party! Embark’s My Dream For Her offers the clear embrace of a cherished lover and the best Indian perfume.

The floral, oriental scent of ‘My Dream’ For Her Eau De Parfum Natural Spray highlights restoring Violet, rare Bulgarian Rose, and warm Sandalwood. It fills the air with hope and motivates you to follow your heart’s desires.

It’s great to start your journey towards success by sprinkling some drops of this perfume on you to be fresh and going! In India, this perfume is considered to be one of the top 22 Best Perfumes for Women in 2021 due to the various perfume notes available.

This perfume contains natural spray features with a unique Bulgarian Rose, aromatic Sandalwood, and refreshing Violet.
The perfume has the following notes:
Top Notes: Berry, Violet
Heart Notes: Bulgarian Rose
Base Notes: Dry Amber, Sandalwood
Fragrance Family: Floral – Oriental – Woody
This Perfume for women is priced at Rs. 695.


This perfume is one of the most affordable ones for women.
All day long, you stay fresh.
The effect lasts about 8 to 9 hours.
A note of high quality.


It may not be suitable for some occasion

4. Skinn By Titan-Fine French Perfume

Best Women Perfume for Workplace in India

Contains Ingredients: Fresh green pear and cheerful red strawberries. The Skinn By Titan-Fine French Perfume has been a major hit, and it is worth it. This is the most popular type of Titan series, although there are a number of them. Skinn French Perfume is the best ladies’ perfume because it has a long-lasting and beautiful scent. This perfume has a soothing fragrance.
The perfect choice for a modern woman, and the best option for those who personify mystery.

This scent is the perfect mix of fruity-floral scents and the luxurious tones of sandalwood, amber, and musk. With its inviting scent of white flowers, a bit of zing from peaches and pears, and a touch of dry sandalwood that hints at patchouli, Celeste evokes the uplifting energy of a spring garden.

Titan Skinn’s miniature fragrance gift pack is an ideal gift for women that can be worn at all times.
The perfume costs Rs. 1,695 and can be purchased at Nykaa or anywhere else both online and offline.

Last for a long time
It is suitable for every occasion
Suitable for all types of skin

It is a bit expensive.
Comes in a sensitive bottle

5. Burberry Body Intense by Burberry

Best Women Perfume for Workplace in India

Contains Ingredients: Wormwood, peach, sandalwood, freesia, iris, and rose, amber, cashmere wood, vanilla, and musk. If you love to collect perfumes and use them regularly, then here is another exclusive Women Perfume in India, which Burberry Body Intense by Burberry. Burberry is one of the most renowned and trusted fragrance brands in India and internationally.

The perfume comes in a crystal bottle with a gold cap, which looks very elegant. As a result of its ingredients and fragrance, it is considered the best female perfume in the world.

  • Top notes: Fresh green absinthe, gentle freesia, and illuminating peach
  • Floral heart note: RLasts a long timeeal rose simple, warm sandalwood, and iris.
  • Base notes: woody cashmeran, creamy vanilla, and musk

Beautifully crafted transparent bottle
Lasts Long
A scent to die for

The price is very high

6. Nike Up Or Down Perfume EDT for Women

Best Women Perfume for Workplace in India

Contains Ingredients: Jasmine, Rose, Musk, Pear, and Lily-of-the-Valley. If you are looking for a classy yet strong fragrance, you will definitely enjoy Nike Up and Down Eau De Toilette perfume which is exclusively made for women. A long-lasting perfume like Nike Perfume allows you to smell fresh all day long. Surely, it will make every woman fall in love with it.
The Nike Up or Down perfume isn’t too strong nor too light but instead is refreshing. You’ll feel like a Greek goddess when you spray it on!

  • Top Notes- Pear
  • Heart Notes- Rose, Jasmine, 
  • Base Notes- Musk, Lily-of-the-Valley

Nike perfume is easily available in India. You can either buy it online or in person. This incredibly amazing perfume is priced at Rs. 898, which is not at all expensive for this quality. In India, this is one of the best perfumes for women, as it keeps you refreshed throughout the day!

It is affordable to buy
Lasts a long time
Convenient to carry

Somewhat pricey
It is a delicate bottle that needs to be handled with care.

7. Victoria’s Secret Bombshell

Victoria's Secret Bombshell Eau De Parfum

Contains Ingredients: Purple passion fruit, vanilla orchid, and Shangri-la peony. It is every woman dreams of having Victoria’s Secret perfume in her collection. It is very difficult to find Victoria’s Secret store in India, but you can buy perfumes online. In India, Victoria’s Secret is quite well known for its best body perfume.

Vicky Secret’s Bombshell Eau De Parfum is an absolute must-have for anyone who loves beautiful scents.
This exclusive scent has a Fruity floral Fragrance that’s pretty enough to hypnotize anybody.

If you want to wear the perfume over moisturizer, you won’t have to worry about the smell mixing. A bottle of Victoria’s perfume costs Rs. 6,999, which may seem a little expensive but is worth it. I am sure you won’t regret it if you buy this perfume!

Provides a fresh Designed with the highest quality and long-lasting fragrance.
Top women’s spots in India
It lasts for about 8 to 9 hours
Made up with the high-quality note

It is quite expensive for a bottle of this size

8. The Body Shop Strawberry Body Mist

The Body Shop Body Mist, Strawberry

Contains ingredients: Strawberry seed oil and Community Trade sugarcane essence from Brazil. The Body Shop Strawberry Body Mist is perfect for those who like the smell of fruits, especially strawberries. Despite its long-lasting scent, it is not overpowering. With this fruity body mist, you can enjoy long-lasting fruitiness. It’s deliciously refreshing, brewed with strawberry seed oil and sugarcane essence.

Body Shop’s Strawberry Body Mist has a light, fruity scent that could be used at home, in the office, or on special occasions. Strawberry mist makes you smell like strawberries throughout the day. It’s a body spray with an ultra-fine delicious fruity scent.
The scent has a long-lasting freshness. To make it more long-lasting and fragrant, you can apply it to the neck and pulse points. It’s among the best budget perfumes for women and costs Rs. 795. It can be purchased online as well as offline.

Among the list of best-selling perfumes in India, this is the top perfume.
A mist of ultra-fine particles for women.
This perfume has a delicious fruity scent.
You will feel fresh for a long time with this perfume.
There is cold-pressed strawberry seed oil in this perfume, which makes it a great purchase.


9. Layer’s Wottagirl Divine Perfume Spray

LAYER'R Wottagirl Divine Perfume

Contains ingredients: Fresh apple, cedarwood, and lavender
With its wonderful collection of women’s perfumes, Layer’s Wottagirl has become one of India’s best-known brands. Both the online and offline versions of the perfume can be bought in India.
In my personal opinion, the Layer’s Wottagirl Divine Perfume Spray is the best because it makes the Woman feel confident for the entire day.

This perfume combines the modern vibe of magic, the intoxicating fragrance of the divine, with the deep charm of adore, and an elegant hint of grace, all in one.

The scent is a mixture of fresh apple, cedarwood, and lavender. A fragrance you will just adore! This perfume will keep you fresh and energized all day to work better at your workplace.
No matter what time of day, you can wear this perfume anytime. It is suitable for daily use and its long-lasting fragrance lasts for hours.

I will make you fall in love with Layer’s because it is one of India’s most popular fragrances! In terms of special care and styling goods, it is one of the fastest-growing brands.
In order to remain competitive, the brand aims to provide buyers with superior and innovative products.
This incredibly amazing perfume is priced at Rs. 599.

You can wear this perfume at any time of the day or night.
The fragrance lasts for a long time.
Perfumes like this keep you fresh for the entire day.
Perfumes like this have a modern vibe that reminds you of magic.
You can purchase it online for a reasonable price.


10. Moi By Nykaa Eau de Parfum

Nykaa Moi Raison D'Etre Eau de Parfum

Contains ingredients: Blackberry and Raspberry
The Nykaa brand perfume has been added to the top 15 perfumes for women in India. It’s the newest launch and has an amazing fragrance. The fragrance of Moi By Nykaa Eau de Parfum is versatile enough to use for anything at any time of the day, be it bright, bold, or happy.

The collection is designed to provide you with a fragrance to suit every mood. Nykaa’s Moi collection is named after the French word ‘Moi,’ meaning ‘to turn tome.’ It is crafted as a perfume closet, providing a fragrance for every mood.
Matin’ is a French perfume that adds zest to your day with citrus notes as well as Rose and Magnolia. From the fresh Bergamot scent to the woody Musk finish, this is the right accessory to have every day.

This scent is ideal for days when you wish to spread love to everyone you encounter.
An aroma of Pink Peppercorn, blended with Blackberry and Raspberry’s fruity notes, gives it a sour and fresh smell.
This Nykaa perfume is priced at Rs. 1,226.

Perfumes like this one are readily available online.
The product is suitable for daily use.
The fragrance lasts for a long time.
For an excellent fragrance, use 2 to 3 sprays.

In India, it is a very expensive perfume for women.

Best Affordable Perfume for Ladies in India

Girls and perfumes go together like chalk and cheese. A signature fragrance complements her personality and expresses it, as well as making her smell like a dream! Now, we don’t want to spend a lot of money on everyday perfumes.

That’s why we have compiled a list of the Best Perfumes under 500 INR in India that every woman should have in their closet. Doesn’t this sound great? So, let’s get through the list of 8 highly affordable perfumes you can get.

11. Engage Cologne Spray G1 for Women, 135ml

Engage Cologne Spray G1

Contains Ingredients: Orange, honey, and vanilla Engage has been building its market over the past few years as a brilliant new fragrance brand. Unlike other perfumes, this one has no gas component.

Due to the strong yet not overpowering smell of Engage Cologne Spray G1, it can be used on both a daily basis and during special occasions. It can be applied to the skin as a deodorant or to clothing as a perfume.

This perfume smells like a perfect combination of bitter orange, honey, and vanilla. This perfume is so distinctive in the smell that its wearers can even be recognized miles away from the bottle! It is listed as an Amazon’s Choice product.
Amazon.com has a rating of 4 out of 5. A fragrance like this would shock you with its affordable price!
Engage Cologne Spray G1 is priced at Rs. 225.

12. Envy Perfume for Women, 60ml

Envy Perfume For Women

Contains Ingredients: Sandalwood and transparent musk
Envy Perfume is another superb perfume for Women. The Envy perfume is one of our most favorite picks because of its delightful scent that few can resist!

It is a premium French perfume, therefore it is a great alternative for those seeking a high-end fragrance at a reasonable price. This perfume has a floral and fruity scent with a feminine touch. There is an orange blossom note at the top. The middle note is reminiscent of jasmine flowers Base notes include rosy and cedar smells.
There is no doubt that this is one of the best perfumes under Rs. 500 available in India. The rating on Amazon is 4.2 out of 5 and there have been 240 reviews. According to reviews, it is a ‘soft perfume’ that lasts a long time.

13. Fogg Scent I AM QUEEN Eau de Parfum – 100 ml

Fogg I Am Queen Scent

Contains Ingredients: Ginger, rose, bitter orange, jasmine, honey. Fogg is a very popular and widely available fragrance brand in India. Besides catering to women’s fragrances, it also caters to men’s. A large variety of strong and lasting deodorants and perfumed with fresh scents are offered by them. You will feel a sense of awe and wonder after wearing the perfume I AM QUEEN Eau de Parfum! It is a soft scent that doesn’t seem unpleasant after a while, and it belongs to the fresh fragrance family.

Fragrance notes of the perfume include ginger, rose, bitter orange, jasmine, honey-amber accord, and sandalwood base note.

The perfume is listed as ‘Amazon’s choice’ and with over 10,000 ratings on the website. Based on 5 reviews, it has a rating of 4.3 out of 5. The reviewers consider it to be better than the other Fogg variants. This affordable, as well as exclusive perfume, is priced at Rs. 500.

14. Body Cupid Aqua Wave Perfume for Men & Women –100 ml

Body Cupid Aqua Wave Perfume for Men & Women

Contains Ingredients: Mint, green nuances, lavender, coriander, rosemary, geranium, neroli, jasmine & sandalwood, cedarwood, musk & amber.

The Body Cupid Aqua Wave perfume is an excellent match for you if you want to share your fragrance with your other half! The fragrance of this perfume is unisex, so you are able to use it regardless of your gender.

This perfume comes packaged in a very attractive way and will make a great addition to your dressing table. This floral scent lasts all day and makes you feel romantic. Aromatically, the fragrance is quite strong, fresh, and refreshing.

  • On the top note, you’ll find mint, lavender, coriander, and rosemary. 
  • The middle note contains sandalwood, geranium, neroli, and jasmine. 
  • Base notes include cedarwood, amber, and musk. 

It is a really good perfume at an extremely reasonable price. It is listed as an Amazon’s Choice and has over 800 ratings. Amazon rates it 3.7 out of 5 stars. According to reviews, people describe it as a very classy perfume and as being quite good for its price.
The Body Cupid Aqua Wave perfume is priced at Rs. 899.

15. W.O.W. Perfumes Aaliya For Women 100Ml

W.O.W. Perfumes

Contains Ingredients: Citrus and jasmine. Aaliya by W.O.W. Perfumes is a highly concentrated perfume for the woman of today who is bold and beautiful. The perfume’s beautiful packaging grabs your attention and compels you to purchase it. Due to its long-lasting nature, it is especially suitable for parties and special occasions.

  • The top note of this perfume contains citrus and jasmine. 
  • In the base note, you’ll find oriental jasmine.

The fragrance is luxurious yet mild, providing a refreshing feel to any ensemble you wear. Also, if you’re thinking about gifting a perfume to someone else, this is a great choice.
It was given a rating of 3.2 out of 5 and is priced around Rs. 500. Several reviewers describe it as a ‘good product’ and a ‘very long-lasting product!’.

16. Fogg Scent Beautiful Secret Eau de Parfum – 100 ml

 Fogg Beautiful Secret Scent

We can all agree that the collection of perfumes introduced by Fogg is simply amazing! The fragrance of Fogg Scent Beautiful Secret Eau de Parfum adheres to the fresh and floral type. It is the perfect perfume for women who like to feel energized while wearing it.

This perfume has a light floral scent that is perfect for daily wear during the day. After applying this perfume for the first time, its scent lingers on for several days afterward, even in hot and humid weather.

This perfume, like the others in this range, has a very elegant packaging that would encourage you to purchase all of them at once!
Fogg Scent Beautiful Secret Eau de Parfum is available at a price of Rs. 500.

17. Yardley London – English Lavender EDT Spray for Women, 120ml

Yardley London - English Lavender EDT Spray

Contains Ingredients: Lavender leaves, clary sage, geranium, and neroli.
Yardley London is a renowned international brand that has remained committed to its product quality since the 17th century. This perfume is one of Yardley London’s classic fragrances called English Lavender.

This perfume smells like an ode to grace and elegance. The scent is a perfect blend of lavender leaves, clary sage, geranium, and neroli.

  • Its top note consists of tonka bean and sandalwood. 

This is a great fragrance for those who like woody and musky scents as part of their everyday wardrobe. It is mild yet has a strong impact.

On Amazon, it is rated 3.2 stars out of 5. Several reviewers have described it as “genuine and worth all five stars.”.
This exclusive perfume is quite affordable as it is priced at Rs.165.

18. Secret Temptation Romance Eau de Parfum – 50 ml

Wild Stone Secret Temptation Romance Eau De Parfum

Secret Temptation is a widely recognized brand among women. The company is best known for its affordable and effective deodorants.

It’s ‘out of the box’ packaging makes Secret Temptation Romance Eau de Parfum a sight to behold. In fact, it is a very romantic and aromatic perfume that has a very engaging smell. A major feature of this fragrance is its long-lasting scent, which lasts throughout the day and beyond!

Those who love floral and fresh scents will enjoy this fragrance. The product is listed as the best deal on the site. The product is rated 4.2 out of 5 on Amazon. The perfume is available at Rs. 399. According to its reviewers, the product is cute and long-lasting.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to find your Signature Scent?

  • You should try only three scents at a time.
  • If you are new to scent, begin with lighter scents. 
  • It’s good to come back with a fresh scent. 
  • It’s okay if you don’t like oud or other unfamiliar scents, be kind to yourself.
  • Observe what you smell and try to understand it.
  • You can skip the coffee beans if you don’t like them.
  • After four hours, discover how the scent changes.

How to Apply Perfume?

The surface of your skin provides an ideal canvas for a favorite scent. “Positive perfume needs to anchor itself in a proper medium if it is to unfold truly as divine.”


  • You can also layer perfume over a body lotion or oil to achieve an even stronger bond with your skin. “Fragrance binds to the oils in your skin, so applying it after your body lotion or oil creates a better surface for the scent molecules to bind with.
  • The best time to use fragrance is directly after taking a shower or bath when your skin is hydrated.
  • The key to applying perfume correctly is to touch all the right points. Select warm and moist parts of your body, like the sides of your neck, the inner sides of your elbows, the backs of your knees, and the insides of your elbows.
  • You can dab your perfume on pulse points. The heat from your body will make it a natural diffuser all day long.”
  • To refresh the scent without overpowering it, you can layer it with a complementary scent.


  • According to the Senior Creative Director at Bvlgari Parfums, don’t use an eau de toilette in your hair because an alcohol-based formula is likely to dry and damage the hair. If you’re set on spritzing your hair, though, after all, who doesn’t want intoxicating hair odor, make sure the scent you use doesn’t contain alcohol.
  • Do not rub perfume into your skin.
  • A fragrance should mix with your body’s natural oils as it sits on the skin. If you rub your wrists together, top notes will fade and evaporate
  • Stacking fragrances can cause headaches. Don’t layer a strong scent with another powerful scent, as this is just too much and can cause headaches for you and others. 

How much Perfume should be applied?

As far as choosing a fragrance is concerned, it greatly depends on the wearer’s tastes and the type of fragrance he or she is wearing.”

Fragrances that contain synthetic edible notes like vanilla or honey are perceived as heavier, such as gourmand fragrances. One spritz may be all you need – too much of these may make you smell like a candy shop!”

The number of spritzes to apply really does depend on each individual, as our body temperature affects the intensity of the perfume. The warmer the body, the stronger the scent. “Some notes in perfumes are naturally long-lasting, such as patchouli, tuberose, and coffee.”

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